Roofing Claims Process

Navigating the Claims Process

Did you know that your roof may be covered under your current homeowners insurance policy?

If you have had a major storm in your area with rain, high winds, or hail, you  may have roof damage.

Before you panic and pay out of pocket, you may want to make sure the damage is extensive enough to warrant alerting your insurance company. To help, we’ve put together the steps you should take to determine if it is covered and how to file a claim to start the process:

  1. Before you contact your insurance company, contact us to inspect for damage and to assess if it is extensive enough to get the claim approved.
  2. Contact your insurance company about your coverage and to potentially file the claim.
  3. An adjuster from the insurance company will call you to tell you when he/she will be out to inspect the damage.
  4. if the claim is approved you will receive the claim paperwork.  This details all of the specific damage that the insurance company is paying to fix. Even if denied, you can still appeal the decision.
  5. You will receive the first check for the ACV (Actual Cash Value).  This is the first of two checks.  Sign and deposit it into your bank account.
  6. Contact us to set an appointment. Plan to make a payment for the amount of that first check plus your deductible. Note that these funds must be spent on the roof. Why?
  7. The project gets scheduled and all the work is done exactly as directed by claims paperwork.
  8. Upon completion of the project the roofing company will send documentation and a certification of completion to the insurance company.  At this point they will release the final check (called Depreciation).
  9. Deposit the last check into your account and then make your final payment to the roofing company.
  10. You receive a thank you note from the roofing company. (Well you do if you choose us 🙂
  11. Contact your insurance agent and let them know you have a new roof and to endorse your policy to reflect it. This will often result in a reduced premium on your homeowners policy.

The Texas Department of Insurance offers a form to lower home insurance premiums after installation of a class 4 shingle / metal roof. Note that some insurance companies will install the discount but will also waive your future right to claim “cosmetic damage” such as hail. Read more below:

Texas Department of Insurance Roofing Installation / Certification Form

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